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Aeronautics and astronautics

The nickel base high temperature alloy is divided into high temperature alloy and casting high temperature alloy according to the mode of production. It is an important material for the high temperature part of the aviation engine. Mainly used in the manufacturing of combustion chamber, turbine blade, guide vane, compressor and turbine disc, turbine box and so on. The titanium alloy is mainly used to make aircraft engine compressor parts, the pressure vessel of the spacecraft, the fuel tank, the fastener, the instrument binding belt, the frame and the rocket housing.

Oil and gas

Nickel alloy has nice resistance to sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid and corrosion resistance, and generally applicable to the structural components of oil, gas, cooling and high temperature corrosion. Titanium alloy can solve the sulphide in crude oil and the corrosion of the equipment. Titanium devices are widely used in catalytic cracking of oil refineries, process water treatment, hydrofining, desulphurization, unsaturated separation, hydrogen purification, distillation and polymerization reactions.

Chemical equipment

Nickel base alloy with good corrosion resistance are suitable for different corrosion environments. As a new type of chemical equipment structure material, nickel and nickel alloys are widely used in heat treatment and chemical processing industrial devices. Titanium alloy material is also widely used in chemical industry production equipment, mainly using titanium plate and titanium tube to make reaction kettle and connecting pipe. A large number of titanium containers, heat exchangers, tanks, agitators, coolers and piping systems are also used in the treatment of corrosive substances.

Electric Power Nuclear Power

Nickel base alloy are widely used in energy fields. Nickel base alloy pipes are widely used in coal-fired boilers, superheater and resuperheater . High temperature corrosion resistance nickel base alloy, used in Gas-electric gas turbine, turbine blades and guiding blades; In the field of nuclear power, the steam generator heat pipe must select the nickel alloy with good corrosion resistance. The condensers of power stations and nuclear power plants are important equipment for generating sets, and titanium alloy pipes are the main materials for making condensers.

Other areas

Excellent performance of titanium alloy are being used in biological medical, sports equipment, automobile, household items, and more other fields, and being used as the artificial bone, heart pacemakers, cardiovascular stents, golf head, sticks, the exhaust and silencing system of the car, frames and other products; The corrosion resistance and wear resistance of nickel alloy are also widely used in electronics and precision instruments.